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Dear Customers,


             Allow me to introduce our Montreal-based company, Carizma Distribution Inc. In 1986, Carizma Distribution Inc. was the originator of the renowned zipper tie, and to this day, we remain the sole manufacturers in Canada. The inventor of this original patent, the late Mr. Martin Lande, lived to see his product become a tremendous success worldwide. Zipper ties have become the preferred choice in neckwear and have been replacing clip-on ties. We have succeeded in eliminating the hassle of making knots while still maintaining the look and comfort of a conventional tie. Zipper ties are an invention in simplicity!        


            During the twenty-nine years of production, our main priority is, and has always been, safety first. Carizma Distribution Inc. has produced and sold over six million zipper ties worldwide to Japan, France, Canada and the U.S.A. Carizma Distribution Inc.’s zipper ties have been sold to a vast array of markets, including but not limited to, specialty stores, retail stores, sports teams, uniform suppliers, the physically challenged , souvenir and gift shops. Despite the variety in these markets, the satisfaction level with our product is continuous and especially school uniforms where we are having tremendous success.    


            We take pride in providing a superior product in terms of quality, durability, customer-satisfaction and, most importantly, safety. Carizma Distribution Inc. has the experience and the knowledge to know how to make a safe and dependable zipper tie. Our ties are made in Canada with the highest quality of woven fabrics from Germany. We also manufacture conventional ties, clip-on ties, bow-ties and vests. We also provide the option to personalize these products with school logos, your own fabrics and your own designs.

                                    We look forward to working with you,please don't hesitate to contact us.


TeL: (514 ) 384-7724                                                                                                                        Email:  [email protected]

Fax: (514 ) 383-6534                                                                                                                        Web site:   carizmadistribution.com


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Late Martin Lande

Sincerely ,

Tony Casola

Carizma Distribution Inc.

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