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Frequently asked Questions

Who wears a Zipper Tie?


Children of all ages ( 2 and up ) all the way through to young adults will find it quite a relief to wear a tie that does not require all that fiddling and knotting! Men of regular and tall sizes who want a convenient alternative to tying a knot each day.Our zipper tie is stress free and may be just what you need as it is possible to put on a tie and adjust it in a matter of seconds and still have the appearance of a regular tie. Women and Girls love to wear our ties as well.In fact,you will get so used to our zipper ties that you will not want to wear a regular tie again.Zipper ties are the future of ties.

What is a Zipper Tie?


Carizma's zipper tie is an exciting patented tie by the late Martin Lande that is very convienient for people who are always on the go. Zipper ties makes tying and wearing a necktie pleasurable.Whereas a traditional necktie requires an inordinate amount of time to fashion a perfectly knotted tie on a daily basis,this fustration is eliminated with our revolutionary zipper tie.The wearer is instantly provided with a consistent and attractive fashion fixed knot.

Is A Zipper Tie Safe?


The zipper is as safe as any conventional tie.It is comprised of a loop and two ends,just like a regular tie.

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